Introducing the New Youth Book Club



~~At ISF, we love books. In fact, we love them so much that we have a Book Club. The thing we didn’t have until now was a place for all our amazing youth family to discuss the books they love. Every quarter we will highlight a favorite awesome book for teens and one for youth that falls in line with ISF, be it animals, the environment, or youth. Then we will head on over to Twitter to discuss it with you using the hashtag #ISFlovesbooks.

We will also be bringing you reviews in between these books of other books we love and that we think you would love too. You are also encouraged to send us your books or reviews as well, because there are just so many books out there that we have probably missed some amazing ones. We will create an ongoing article list that you can reference anytime you need a good book or series.

                Our first book for youth is The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin. This book is about a girl named Suzy and how she deals with the death of her best friend after she drowns. Suzy never got the chance to say goodbye and had a falling out with Franny before she drowned. Now Suzy tries to come to terms with her life while speculating that jellyfish may have played a part in her friend’s death. This book is both informative and emotionally satisfying.






 Our first book for teens is Paper Towns by John Green. Paper Towns starts with Margo Roth Spiegelman taking Quentin on the craziest night of his life. Then, to Quentin’s dismay, Margo disappears, leaving him to find out where she is and who she really is. If you like the book, you can even check out the movie and compare the two once you finish.





So take a look and come discuss them with us on Twitter!

*Update* You asked. We heard you and totally say heck yeah! We are also now going to spotlight a few books each quarter for our youngest readers and those who might not even be able to read to themselves yet. 


 The first book for this quarter will be Rumble Tum by Stephanie True Peters. This sweet book shows just how strong the bond can be between a young  child and their pets as illustrated by Beth and her new kitten. 



The second book is The Dot by Peter Reynolds. This book explores simplicity, the urge to create, and the power of taking the first leap when you just aren't quite sure of yourself.




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