Show Us Your Pet Appreciation - Spring Is Here Edition!

There is something about the warming of the weather, with the sun shining longer and brighter, that brings a certain sense of joy to us Earth dwellers. And we are not the only ones joyful! After months of cold weather, our four-legged friends are elated to strengthen their legs in the backyard or dog park. That’s what’s so amazing about pets, they appreciate even the smallest of things… they’re beautiful creatures like that.

Ashley’s cat Marcus came into her family’s life by fate. “We had just bought our first house and we wanted to add a dog to our family. When we went to the pet store to price dog houses and supplies, there was a rescue shelter doing an onsite adoption with two gorgeous flame point cats with blue eyes that just captivated us both the minute we walked through the doors! Now, almost six years later, Marcus has become our three-year-old son's best buddy, sleeping in his room at night, audibly purring as if singing a quiet lullaby. He patiently puts up with the (not always ideal) love that a preschooler gives to a cat. We appreciate him so much, not only for being our companion but for helping us teach our son about the love and joy animals bring into our lives.”

Belén, one of our very own ISF volunteers, has spent months translating these very stories, and had to take the opportunity to share her own story! After losing her beloved Maya, (a seventeen-year-old Pekinese) she felt the need for a dog’s love again; she fell in love with Luna, a Jack Russell half-breed. “She was in a shelter in Murcia and we are from Badajoz, at the other end of Spain, so it took a couple of days of waiting, but I will never forget the moment she got home. All the family fell immediately in love with her! She's the best dog in the world: lovable and obedient; she looks at you in the eyes and seems to be reading your heart. She knows how to console us when we're sad. I have never seen a dog like her. It is like she understands absolutely everything she sees, and acts in consequence. One day, when Luna was sleeping with us on the sofa we heard some cries in our own home. My mother went out just to find a little black and white furry girl so anxious that she didn't know what to do: cry, jump or run. She was skinny and scared. Someone had just dropped her in our own garden! We kept Yaki that night and took her to Luna's vet the next morning in case he couldn find her a forever home because we were just leaving on a trip. However, I couldn't stop thinking of her during all our holidays, and promised myself that when we came back, if she was still in the vet's house, I'd adopt her. And so it happened! So Yaki joined our family… it took her some time to gain Luna's heart, but now they seem to get on quite well with each other. Yaki is loving and looks so helpless that we can't but cuddle her all the time. She's a bit naughty while Luna is very obedient, so Yaki loves bothering her a little bit, but somehow that makes their life a bit funnier. I love them both and I know I will always have dogs with me. I can't imagine a life without them!”

Heather took in a beautiful cat (fourteen years ago!) “that was roaming around a friend’s farm – I named him Sadie (thinking he was a she). He is the most wonderful, warm, friendly cat you can imagine. He always seems to be there to brighten up everyone’s days – especially when they need it the most! Almost a year ago - my nine-year-old daughter, Riley, had to go through a sudden brain surgery. When we came home from the hospital after her surgery, he was right there with her to comfort her and cheer her up. It was not only the hardest thing for my daughter to go through but also for us as parents. But Sadie always managed to cheer us up in times of need!! He is part of our family and I honestly don’t know what we would do without him!!”

Michelle had a co-worker that, due to unfortunate circumstances, had a dog they could no longer care for. After finding out that he was living in unsuitable conditions, she brought him home. “I’ve had him in my life now for eleven years and I am so thankful. My husband and I never had any children so he is my four-legged furry child.”

Do you have a pet that you appreciate? We want to know about them! Email us at and tell us about them! (And please include a picture -we love seeing the adorable creatures!) Keep an eye out for the May Creatures Division web page: we have some great things coming as we celebrate National Pet Month!


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