Youth Volunteer Spring Clean Up 2016

ISF Youth cleaning up

We know our ISF Youth Volunteers ROCK, but they totally blew us away with their May Community Spring Clean Up 2016 project!

MobSTIRS and ISF Youth volunteers and Alumni went above and beyond with this EPIC project. From cleaning parks, planting trees, beautifying elderly neighbor’s lawns... they totally amazed us with their heart, passion and hardwork to make a difference in their communities!

The MobSTIRS not only filled bag after bag of rubbish, but they pulled weeds and planted trees, flowers and herbs too! They took charge and got friends and family involved and sparked a sense of community by speaking to their neighbors about ways to be green and to recycle to help our Earth!

These kids are not finished either... some are tackling HUGE cleanup and restoration projects and have dedicated more time to help their schools and parks STAY CLEAN! Some of our MobSTIRS are building butterfly houses and some bat sanctuaries!

Even bush regeneration projects that help save homes of little dependant creatures have been accomplished!

We are BEYOND proud of our Youth Volunteers for not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk!   

Keep your eyes on these kids, we have some real change makers in our midst!!

ISF MobSTIR COMMUNITY SPRING CLEAN UP from Ian Somerhalder Foundation on Vimeo.

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