Youth Team Community Clean Up Project


WOW! The kids & teens really stepped up! Our 2017 ISF Youth Volunteers really surpassed our goals for this years Community Clean Up project!

Our focus this year is cleaning our waterways - lakes, streams, ponds and oceans. Clean water is a necessity for ALL life: plant, animal & human. Our over consumption of throw away goods and plastics is wreaking havoc on our water and destroying our literal source of life. All humans can easily make a difference by reducing our consumption, only buying recycled goods (and then actually recycling it!) and reusing as much as possible. And for those we can't control, we can do community clean ups to pick up their mess!


                image2 (3).JPG 


Our group of young changemakers took off exploring their neighborhood waterways in an effort to clean up trash and debris from the water. Numerous bags of trash and recycling were retrieved from the waters and surrounding areas. We were surprised to see all the water bottles, fast food containers, aluminum cans and newspapers that were toxifying the local fish and aquatics. We even inspired others to take notice and sometimes even join us!


Our water is Earth’s most valuable resource and we made a huge difference in our local areas. One ISF Youth Volunteer even making the front page of her local paper! Would you like to do a Community Clean up?



Written by Candi Fair

Edited by Bob Stone

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