Where is the sun?

Where is the sun?

The sky seems to have gone too. A thick blanket of hazardous smoke has covered the skies.

It’s been around the world and back. The air we breathe is toxic and tainted with death. Our animals have died, and countless lives lost. Devastation is all around us, homes devoured by mother earth’s angry flames.

She say’s enough is enough, I did you no harm, I gave you beauty to enjoy and the sun to embrace you in its warmth, the breeze to kiss you as it moves past you, water to cleanse and make things grow and the air you breathe to sustain you and give you life.

What did you do for me in return? Destroyed the home I built for you, greed to fill your pockets without any consideration of the consequences, pollution to fill the skies with poison, chemicals which kill our environment a little piece at a time and slowly we die, cancer and illness strike, our animals suffer, our children suffer.

Is this truly a world you want to give to your children?

Global warming and climate change are real!

If you keep using up the earth’s resources for your own personal gain and greed mother nature will fight back!

We are truly suffering here in Australia and we have lost a tremendous amount, but these are the times where we are united with one another as one fighting to save our beautiful bushlands while others are only concerned with counting their money!

I ask you, when the earth stops producing the air we need to breathe and we cease to exist, was all that destruction worth it? Unite and fight for the world we live in, we have one home, if we destroy it there’s no coming back from it!

Written by: Popi Doukakis.

Photos licensed by: Adobe Stock