The Kitty Devore Network (KDN) is a rescue group spanning four states of dedicated volunteers who pull out as many cats and kittens as possible from one of California’s most high kill shelters. Ty-Ty was one of those kittens. Due to his breathing being shallow when he was rescued, it was decided Ty-Ty should be taken immediately to the veterinarian. X-rays revealed Ty-Ty had a hole in his diaphragm as well as an old injury which pushed 75% of his intestines and 50% of his liver up into his chest cavity. His injuries suggested he may have been in some kind of road traffic car accident. Ty-Ty remained happy and was very well behaved throughout the exam and X-Rays. He purred and rubbed against everyone despite the pain he must have been in.

Surgery was necessary in order for Ty-Ty to lead a pain-free life. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) gave Ty-Ty a Medical Emergency Grant in order for him to have the lifesaving surgery he needed. Through everything, Ty-Ty had a constant kitty purr and loved all of the attention he received. With a strong will to live, Ty-Ty proved that none of his nine lives were over.

In July of 2014 Ty-Ty found his forever home. His new best friend is a sweet child who likes to be called “Princess Olivia”. Princess Olivia has taken to calling Ty-Ty “The Captain”. According to her, before “The Captain” was rescued he was a Pirate Cat. Princess Olivia believes Ty-Ty, now “The Captain” was injured by a cannon ball. Talk about an imagination! We wish “The Captain” an amazing eight more lives with his new best friend.

When Ty-Ty was adopted, a volunteer with KDN wrote to ISF to say, “No animal deserves what Ty-Ty went through, but I am so thankful for what the Ian Somerhalder Foundation has done for Ty-Ty.” ISF is thankful we can help animals like Ty-Ty though our Grant Program. 


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