ISF Grantee Scooter2018 has been a year full of adventure for Scooter. He began the year living in an RV park by the countryside full of coyotes and bobcats. It is not known exactly what attacked him, but he limped one day into the yard of a Good Samaritan, injured and in desperate need of medical help. The Good Samaritan called Paws Patrol Rescue, who immediately took Scooter to the vet. X-rays revealed a hip dislocation, making the chance of saving his leg uncertain.

Sweet Scooter was referred to an animal surgeon who confirmed the diagnosis: severed tendons and a piece of bone missing which would make the recovery difficult and could induce other problems. After discussion, it was decided amputation was the best option for Scooter to have a chance at living the life he deserves.

Paws Patrol wasted no time and reached out to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation the same day they decided on an action plan to help Scooter. They received a grant to help pay for a portion of his care.

ISF Grantee ScooterScooter endured the surgery which involved removing his right rear leg and part of his right rear hip. Scooter showed an impressive amount of bravery and recovered well. Even when he was in obvious pain, he never tried to bite the people helping him.

However, his foster Mom, Patti from Paws Patrol, had to deal with a few unforeseen issues. She shared with ISF, “The most difficult problem he had was learning to use a litterbox. During his kennelled period for recovery, he would not use a box and kept soiling his pee pads and lying in it”. Fortunately, Patti, who is used to cats, found a way to deal with it and said, “When the stitches were finally out, we switched him to dirt from outside and it was a miracle! Immediately he started to use the box”.

During the healing process, Scooter’s new indoor life was made as easy as possible thanks to a ramp installed in his room leading up to a kennel, table and chair. Patti said to ISF: “He does great. In the evening, he comes out in his foster home and mingles in the house. What a love!”

He also appreciated being pampered. Patti confided in ISF, “The couple nights he spent in a kennel, he waited for a small pillow to go under his head and then I covered him with a baby blanket. He totally seemed to feel at home in his new situation”.

Unfortunately, Scooter soon encountered another problem…the family dog. Apparently, the dog reminded him of the coyote who most likely attacked him. Again, Scooter’s resilience was so great he finally managed his fear and a couple of months later he approached the dog.

Life was still not a piece of cake for Scooter. He needed to learn how to walk on three legs, especially on slippery tiles, and found it to be quite a challenge. If he slipped, he winced in pain, but he got up and tried again. After a few failures, he went into a depression and needed to be stimulated.

ISF Grantee ScooterSoon, a family with a one level home where Scooter could navigate easily applied to adopt him. They had a female cat who recently lost her male companion. Since Scooter is such a gentle soul, everybody thought this would be an easy transition for both cats. Although so close from a well-deserved happy outcome, Scooter struggled again. His new housemate did not like him, swatted and hissed at him, forcing his new parents to put him in a separate room. Despite the family trying everything to make this adoption work, Scooter had to go back to his foster home.

Shortly thereafter, Scooter’s sky started to clear when a wonderful woman named Susan applied to adopt him. Susan needed a kitty to love and care for and now Scooter is her only pet. Susan is able to give her complete attention to Scooter, who loves to sit on a screened-in porch and watch the numerous birds outside. About her new fur baby, Susan said, “Scooter is doing wonderful! He is such a sweetheart. He has adjusted very well. I thoroughly enjoy Scooter, he’s a great companion”.

Written by Hélène Bienaimé

Edited by Bob Stone

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