Roosevelt and Chloe

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team (RPERT) work alongside the American Red Cross in Philadelphia, PA helping animals displaced by fire and other disasters in the area. In May, 2014 Red Paw wrote the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) informing us of two cats in need of a Medical Emergency Grant.

Roosevelt was the lone survivor of an apartment fire. Found by a firefighter, she was covered in ashes, soaked in water and badly burned. Red Paw rushed her to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

Chloe as found in the ceiling of a kitchen following an unrelated fire. Found by the Red Cross, all four of her paws were badly burned. One paw was injured so badly, bone was exposed. Also rushed for immediate veterinarian care, Chloe was treated for her burns along with smoke inhalation and corneal irritation. Chloe’s owner required an extended stay in the hospital and could no longer care for her.

After such severe injuries, both cats needed follow up care to clean their burns and be monitored for residual respiratory distress. ISF was happy to help RPERT with a grant to help the two cats.

Roosevelt was in tremendous pain for the first week following her hospital release. She experienced an infection on the underside of her tail which had to be drained and antibiotics given. Chloe was also in pain, but managed to hobble around on her three paws while healing nicely. In describing the two cats, RPERT wrote ISF to say, “Even though they have suffered throughout their recovery period, Chloe and Roosevelt are loving and affectionate. Roosevelt is gentle and loves to have her belly rubbed, her foster family says she plays with their cat and deals with their dog! Rosie is her nickname and she seems to be okay with it! Chloe is affectionate and purrs all the time, she loves to have her ears rubbed and is always by your feet while you are working, she does not appear limited by the loss of her paw and run/hops when you open the door and while playing.”

Roosevelt’s foster parents nurtured her, cleaned and treated her burns and monitored her for infection until she was completed healed. They fell head-over-heels in love with her and have adopted her themselves. They report she has settled in nicely and her missing fur has started to grow back.

Chloe has also been adopted. Through RPERT’s vast network of supporters, Chloe found a forever home with a nice couple and their two cats. Her new adoptive mom reports she is a warm, cuddly and very loving girl who has filled a space in their hearts left by their fourteen year old cat who had passed away. Her new parents report, “We adore her. She is already making friends with cats Peter and Rosemary. She is a snuggler! We are so lucky to have her.”



           Chloe Adopted                                        Roosevelt Adopted

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