ISF Grantee Pippin

Horse auctions are held every week across the United States. An unthinkable fate can await horses sold at auctions. These auctions attract many attendees for vastly different reasons. Kill-buyers will typically attend large auctions, while horse dealers go from small auction to small auction, to fill a load for a contract or they resell horses at larger auctions for a profit. Rescue organizations will attend both types of these auctions in the hopes of giving these majestic animals a second chance at life as was the case in January 2019.  

ISF Grantee PippinGerda’s Equine Rescue of Townshend, Vermont rescued nine horses the week of January 21st, 2019.  One horse in particular, Pippin, was said to be a healthy gelding, yet when he arrived at the rescue the cruel truth of his past was uncovered. Shockingly, Pippin was not a gelding, but a stallion who had been sexually assaulted with a sharp object forcefully inserted into his rectum. It is incomprehensible how someone could abuse this sweet mini horse. Pippin’s medical needs were urgent as his rescuers told ISF, “His own rectum had been sealed shut and the large and inflamed, painful opening is where he now passes manure from.” Dr. Myhre of the Myhre Equine Clinic evaluated Pippin. Pippin was unmistakably abused and neglected as he was also underweight, suffered from slipper feet, had rope scars inside his mouth and severe gingivitis, since he most likely never had his teeth floated. Dr. Myhre believed, with surgery, he could repair Pippin’s rectum, giving him a long and happy life. He also stated he could geld him on the same day so Pippin would only undergo one surgery. 

Those at Gerda’s Equine Rescue believed Pippin was an extraordinary horse. They said, “It is truly amazing how a little mini who has been so abused by humans can still be so trusting and loving. This little guy just wants to snuggle up and get attention from anyone who will give it to him. He will make a great addition to any family.” Determined to get Pippin the medical care he urgently needed, they turned to ISF and received an Emergency Medical Care Grant. 

Pippin was transferred to a foster farm where Nancy Hoit, a Gerda’s Equine Rescue Board member visited Pippin. He immediately walked to Nancy and rested his little head in her lap and she knew he would be coming home with her. Nancy accompanied Pippin to Dr. Mhyre’s clinic in February 2019 where he underwent successful surgery. Dr. Myhre repaired Pippin’s rectum and performed his gelding procedure. He also trimmed his slipper feet with the guidance of X-rays enabling Pippin to finally walk comfortably. Pippin did remarkably well after surgery. He began eating and passing manure regularly. He will need to continue gaining weight as he was a 3 out of 9 on the Henneke body scale, but Pippin was ready to leave the foster farm. He is now being showered in love with Nancy on her farm in Massachusetts. 

Gerda’s Equine Rescue had this to say about what they learned from Pippin’s rescue,"Never stop believing that there are good people in the world. Little Pippin experienced so much abuse and neglect in his life and he still has so much love to give. From all of us at the rescue we want to thank you for believing in Pippin and helping us to get the treatment he so badly deserved.” Pippin’s trusting and loving nature, despite his unfathomable abuse and neglect, show he truly is a remarkable majestic mini. 

Written by Theresa Blangiforti

Edited by Bob Stone

ISF Grantee Pippin

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