Overfishing: #ISF4Fish

Have you checked out our newest #ISF4Fish overfishing campaign? 

Overfishing can lead to degradation of the ecosystems so it's important to educate yourself, and others, so we can all do our part to fight overfishing! 

It's not too late to join our summer challenges! Our #ISF4Oceans challenge has been going on all summer so the next time you go to the beach, spend some time taking part in a beach clean-up! You don’t need a lot of people, just pick up any garbage you see and post a picture of yourself on twitter with #ISF4Oceans.

You can also participate in our #ISF4Fish campaign by giving up your usual unsustainable seafood for a seafood-less alternative! Take a picture of your favorite seafood-less meal and share in with us on social media with #ISF4Fish!







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