Organic Farm Day

The wind is a little bit cold and the sky is clouded, but everybody is excited because today is Organic Farm Day and all the cows are let out of the stables for the first time since winter.

We have made a trip to one of the local organic farms in our area. It’s a beautiful white farm with lots of fields and a large old tree in the front yard. In the garden they have placed tables with shakers filled with buttermilk and cream. We were told that if you shake it for about 10 min you get butter; mine must have been broken because it took at least 20 min! You could also get a cool tattoo that said “I love organic”.

We went into the stables to check up on the cows before they were let out. It didn’t look like a normal stable as it wasn’t filled with small booths; instead, it was one large area with loads of hay on the floor and all the cows were wandering about or just lying in the hay. All the cows looked content and happy.

There was also a mother together with her two small calves relaxing in a quiet corner enjoying the calm before all the people really started to pour in.

And people do come! Organic Farm Day is huge in Denmark: loads of people from all over the country come to the farms that choose to open their doors to the public. The event is even covered by the two largest TV-stations in the country.

 At the farm where we were today at least 2-300 people came, not just to see the cows but so their children could learn all about the animals and how the milk or meat comes from the cow to their plate.

At the farm they had put up signs for the parents to read and lots of books and other materials telling all about organic farming. It is important to the Danes that their children learn all about where the food comes from. At the farm people also come to buy meat, cheese and other foods: everything you can buy is made with organic ingredients. Different manufacturers even come and put up stands at the farms to give out free samples of their organic products.

Organic food is very popular in Denmark; actually, we are the country that sells the biggest amount of organic food in the world[1].

All supermarkets are selling organic meat, eggs, flour, butter, milk, cosmetics, everything they have in order to attract customers; if they didn’t the Danish people would take their money elsewhere, because we use more money on organic products than any other country in Europe[2].

It is actually becoming increasingly harder for the manufacturers to keep up with the demands on organic food[3]from the supermarkets. Many supermarkets promote themselves by their organic assortment. There are even shops and supermarkets that only sell organic food and products.

The three main reasons that Danes list when buying organic is health, environment and animal welfare.

Organic products in Denmark are easy to recognize, we have a special red "O" with a line through it and all kids know this particular brand.

All children in Denmark know what it means that food is organic. We are taught from an early age what organic means and that organic food is better than conventional food. Just about all baby food you can buy in Denmark is organic.

Most importantly, we learn that the organic farms treat their animals a lot better and that a happy pig is a tasty pig. We are taught that it is important to respect all animals especially the ones that feed us. With organic food you also know what you are putting in your mouth, they don’t use GMO treated products or animal feed, they are not allowed to use pesticides either, which is also good for the environment and it minimizes the toxins seeping down into our drinking water. Everything is in other words 100% natural and that makes me feel good about the food I eat.

I think it is important to support all organic farms and manufacturers because if we only buy organic all the farm animals would lead better lives, the environment wouldn’t suffer from all the pesticides, neither would all the pollinators or other wild animals, and in the end we would also be healthier.

So the next time you go to the supermarket choose organic or instead take a trip to your local farm shop, you might event end up feeling all good about yourself.


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Article and Pictures by Youth Volunteer William

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