My Experience Working the Dallas Convention

 Mason Glazier

Hi! My name is Mason Glazier and I've worked with ISF since I was 7 years old. I'm 11 now. I've gotten to do loads of stuff, and when I went to Dallas in August 2016, I finally got to work the ISF table. It was the bestest weekend ever. I got to meet and teach people about ISF and our mission. I got to work with my ISF family who showed me how to work the table. We made the table look really awesome with everything laid out on the tables so everyone could see it.

Being with my ISF family makes me happy because they have patience with me and never make me feel stupid or that I can't do anything. They make me feel like I am the same as them and everyone else and I can do anything. So working the ISF table was the bestest day in my life. We had so much fun too, because it's fun to talk about saving animals and the world. It made me feel really good inside my heart because I know the money we raise goes to animals who need our help and the environment. That is an awesome feeling. Our boss Ian is really really grateful for everything we all do.

Thank you, my ISF Family, for the bestest experience in my life!

Love, Mason :)


Johanna and Zahra

Working at the ISF booth in Dallas was really fun! We loved helping out! 

Zahra's favorite part was interacting with people! She also gave lots of smiles and hugs :) 

Everyone at the booth was really nice. I especially loved telling people about the foundation! When I was there, it was really crowded. A lot of people didn’t even know what ISF was, and all the volunteers did a great job explaining ISF’s mission. I found myself learning more about this great foundation. I also got to know the volunteers working with me. They were all so nice! Lots of people were asking how they could get involved, and we were so glad to see that they wanted to make a difference. I loved talking with the volunteers about all the new projects in the works. 

I had such a great time at the ISF booth! What is great about volunteering is that Jules makes sure that everybody has a chance to help out.  ISF truly empowers the youth and give us a voice. Whether you are 10, 25, or older, everybody is treated the same way and is given an equal opportunity to help.  

My sister and I loved working at the ISF booth and are so lucky to be a part of this wonderful foundation. We can't wait to do it again!

Johanna & Zahra


Lexi Hebert

Hi, my name is Lexi Hebert. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and I’ve been a part of ISF since I was 7 years old. I got to help out at the ISF table at the TVD Con in Dallas in August.  My favorite part of the convention was working at the ISF table. It was fun to help out with the donations and I met a lot of people there that wanted to know more about ISF. Everyone I worked with at the table was really cool and friendly too. It was cool to work with some awesome people from around the country and the world, such as Mason from England, Melody from Texas, Haley from Kansas, and Jojo, Lara, and Z from Texas. Plus, I got to work with Miss Jules, Miss Dina, and DJ. They were awesome too. It felt great to know that I was helping with a good cause and I loved working there!  I would definitely work at the table again, if given the option. 

I really love ISF and the ability to try and help change the world for the better. I also really love my ISF family and how much they care about everything and how much they care about me. 




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