ISF Grantee Mouse

Incredible, loving, even-tempered, easy to handle and trusting are only a few of the words used to describe Mouse, by her rescuer Meow Parlour Cats. 

Mouse’s story is so compelling because of the fact she was and continues to be a mystery. No one knew or had any idea where she had come from or what she had been through. It seemed Mouse had endured so much. Yet, she was resilient and without limitations. She’s your typical playful, energetic cat jumping from windowsills and being a little cuddle bug, however, the scars on her ears, loose teeth, and damaged nerves tell us there is more to her story than meets the eye. 

Mouse was brought to the Animal Care Centers of NYC in early June of 2018 with lameness on her right front leg. Although she had already been spayed, no medical records or history could be found for her. 

She was observed dragging her leg and there was scabbing on the skin surface where her paw was dragging on the ground. When they later transferred her into care, they saw both of her ears were cut and had quite a bit of scarring. Her foster mother said she was also not eating properly.

ISF Grantee MouseAfter taking her to the veterinarian, they learned she would need her front leg amputated due to a brachial plexus injury. Despite her young age, her front teeth were loose and would need to be removed. Still unsure where Mouse had come from, there was suspicion she was abused because of her injuries.

A few weeks went by and Mouse had her front right leg amputated and recovered remarkably well. She was able to move more easily and has demonstrated she is a truly affectionate lap cat. She is the kind of cat who would instantly convert anyone into a cat lover. 

A few weeks after her procedure, she returned to the veterinarian’s office for a dental cleaning and a tooth extraction. After the cleaning, the doctor advised her rescuer Mouse will not need to have her loose teeth extracted. However, one of her molars was broken and was subsequently removed. 

Mouse was healing nicely with only minor swelling. She’s able to function properly and move about like any other cat. Also, after getting her broken tooth removed, she was no longer agitated so it seemed to have been an additional source of pain for her. Mouse was now pain free and ready for a new home. She moved into the rescues cat café to await adoption. 

A couple who had seen Mouse at Meow Parlour twice before submitted an application for adoption. However, when they came to visit, Mouse was a little upset and unlike herself. Her new environment made it especially challenging and she was becoming overwhelmed and ultimately withdrawn from the multi-cat environment. The decision was made to have her placed in a temporary foster home for her comfort and to further assess her behavior. 

The couple interested in Mouse saw beyond Mouse’s initial agitated behavior and submitted an application a week or two after meeting her. Approved, they picked up Mouse from her foster home for a two-week trial period and finalized their adoption halfway through it. What a happy uplifting story, right? 

Although Mouse’s story is a sad one filled with abuse and loss, her tenacious nature and the way she trusted people helped her overcome her injuries. Mouse isn’t dwelling on the past, but rather looking forward to the future. 

Written by Dina Khayal

Edited by Bob Stone


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