Social media is here to stay.  It’s the informational super highway connecting us to families, people and cultures all over the world.  Every day we have the ability to voice our opinions or make a difference in even the smallest way, with just the touch of a button.

A plea for help came across the computer at Zoey’s Place Rescue in Long Beach, California June 25, 2016. Through a tag by a fellow rescuer on Facebook, Zoey’s founder Aurelie read about the plight of a tiny, three-month old kitten named Jesse.  A Good Samaritan had found him on the street, traumatized and clearly suffering from the impact of a car. 

The folks at Zoey’s Place Rescue responded immediately, transporting him to the VCA Lakewood Animal Hospital in Cerritos, California.  There, doctors Bierens and De LaJolla determined Jesse suffered from a serious bilateral fracture of both femurs (thigh bones.)  Knowing time wasn’t on their side, they placed Jesse under the care of the hospital team to prepare him for necessary surgery.  He received IV fluids, antibiotics, flea medication, a blood transfusion and pain medication.  Even with so many hands administering to his care, the staff could hear his purring and knew Jesse could sense their willingness to help him.

Zoey’s Place Rescue was the recipient of a grant from the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in the past so they reached out once again for help with Jesse’s significant medical expenses.  The grant approval from ISF helped him to receive the intricate surgical procedure on his legs which he needed to survive.

A mere three weeks after surgery, Jesse was roaming around in his foster home, happy and showing a cat’s normal, inquisitive nature.  This was his home until Aurelie was contacted by prior adopters, looking for a companion for their two-year old cat.  Their love for Jesse and his mesmerizing blue eyes was immediate.  He was welcomed into his new home on April 23, 2017. 

Jesse has blossomed into a splendid cat, but the outcome may have been quite different without the impact of social media and the dedication of so many who came to his aid.  His new family can say it made all the difference in the world. 

Written by Judith Paolercio

Edited by Bob Stone

  ISF Grantee Jesse and friend in forever home  ISF Grantee Jesse


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