When people think of rescue animals they often envision cats and dogs, but there are so many others in need of our help, too! Jedan, for instance, is an adorable Big Brown Bat with a “wonderful, sweet personality”, who befell to a terrible injury. The good thing is that Jedan sought refuge in a home of a kind resident who called Pennsylvania Bat Rescue (PBR) as soon as she discovered him, and Stephanie from the rescue was quick to respond.

Stephanie arrived to find Jedan in a lot of pain: he had a severe open compound fracture to his left humerus. The fracture had happened days before he was found, which resulted in the bone and the wing membrane tissue being dry. She took him into PBR’s care and began transporting him to a veterinarian. Unfortunately, the injury was so bad, Jedan's left wing detached during transport. Acting quickly, the rescuers administered antibiotics and pain medicine to help him be more comfortable. The vet fixed Jedan's wounds, but then he began to battle a secondary infection requiring more medical attention. Jedan is a fighter, though, and he steadily recuperated and has completely healed!

Pennsylvania Bat Rescue was just who Jedan needed! They told ISF he has adapted to his disabilities so well that he is “doing wonderful” and is “able to function like a normal bat”. As if this joyful news wasn't enough, we also learned he “has a roost mate to keep him company”! PBR further relates, “bats with such traumatic injuries usually never live to be found, let alone helped. Jedan proved that he had a will to live, and with that determination we gave him a second chance”.

ISF is thrilled we were able to help with Jedan's medical bills! “Without the help of medical funding, this procedure would not have been possible,” Pennsylvania Bat Rescue told us, “Our rescue efforts require a substantial amount of funding, without financial assistance and donations, our efforts would be impossible. We are truly appreciative”. At ISF, we are happy to be able to help with these medical recoveries, and we truly appreciate all of you wonderful rescuers out there!

  ISF Grantee Jedan  ISF Grantee Jedan  ISF Grantee Jedan and Friend

Written by Brandy D. Anderson

Edited by Bob Stone

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