How to Save an Elephant


This article is dedicated to the biggest, yet gentlest mammals living on the ground – elephants.

People are enormously attracted to these extraordinary creatures. Everyone knows what they look like, where they live, and what they eat. We see them in movies. We see them in beautiful photographs. We read about them. They are practically everywhere. Actually, the love for elephants is so widely spread that sometimes it is really hard to accept the horrific truth – we kill over one hundred elephants each day.

It’s time that we stop ignoring the facts. Every 15 minutes one elephant dies. That’s 6 words, 29 letters, and one dead elephant. Every 15 minutes. But it’s still not enough to make everyone care about the future of these beautiful giants.

It’s still not enough to stop this bloody massacre.

Now, this might sound shocking to you—it did sound shocking to me the first time I realized it—but we can do more.

Here is my plan: let’s forget that someone else is responsible for what is currently happening to elephants.

Let’s just accept that each one of us is actually responsible and capable of doing something about it because in reality there are many ways that we can help elephants - it’s only about our own decision to start somewhere.


Because: Who, if not we? And when, if not now?

So, do you want to be the one who really helps? Then raise your hand, take a deep breath and say this aloud: I will end the procrastination right after I finish reading this article. I will search for the best possible way to help elephants from the area where I live. I will not give up the search for solutions, no matter the obstacles, and I will keep fighting for the future of elephants—today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

The process of making a real difference is not easy. That applies to everything in life, not just in saving elephants. If you are an activist—a change-maker—you sure know the struggle. The point of this article is to remind you that it’s time to stop playing the game called “let someone else take care of it”.

Because: you can take care of it.

We are all activists in one way or another. We all make changes. And it’s these two facts that made me realize that I want to be here to remind people that we can and will save elephants from extinction by using the power that we have in the right way.

To help you start your research, here is a list of things that you can do to help elephants survive:

Learn about them.

Come on—you cannot possibly think that you know absolutely everything about elephants. Open your encyclopedias. Write down the facts and start working with the information that you have learned [WS-NWI1] .

Teach others.

In other words: spread awareness. And don’t do it just through social media. Become the teacher yourself. Tell your friends about it. Offer help to those that want to know more. Organize brainstorming session and lead conversations. Exchange ideas and thoughts. It can be so much fun!

Connect to professional animal activists.

Okay, I know that you might be a great and experienced animal activist, but maybe you live far away from Africa and need the connection to someone who can tell you what exactly needs to be done and can also help you with the realization of your ideas. Someone who acts locally. This way you can make changes that really help elephants and people who protect them every day.

Set up your own goals.

At this point you surely have your own ideas on what might be the solution that helps elephants survive. Don’t be afraid to work out a plan and turn your visions into real actions. Maybe you get something wrong, but there’s also a big possibility that you get something right. Just go for it.

Don’t give up.

There are people in this world who risk their lives for the future of us all. There are elephants that survived just thanks to your dedication to this incredible work. There is the writer of this article who is very proud of your accomplishments. So, don’t give up. Remember that if we can, we also will.

And when will YOU start?

Written by Karla Rohová