Holly, Tinsel and Autumn

When sibling Tabby cats Holly and Tinsel reached their last day at the shelter before being euthanized, Milo's Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat Rescue(MSSNCR) stepped in to save them. Shortly after MSSNCR also rescued Autumn, a sick kitten found abandoned on a college campus. Holly, Tinsel and Autumn adore each other and were dubbed “the sink kittens” because the threesome often is found sleeping curled up together in the sink. Sadly, all three kittens suffered from eyelid agenesis. Because eyelid agenesis would have caused the kittens to go blind, The Ian Somerhalder Foundation helped with a Medical Emergency Grant to help pay for the needed surgery.

Holly and Tinsel were well enough to have the corrective eye surgery immediately and although neither will ever see 100%, both are doing well. While they still need eye drops, their playful kitten side has come out. A MSSNCR volunteer says, “To watch these two kittens not opening their eyes due to the pain that their deformities were causing was heart breaking”. Now, they play, run and see well enough to get into mischief. In May, both were healthy enough to be put up for adoption.

Because Autumn is still not at a healthy weight, her wait to receive the corrective eye surgery continues. Autumn will remain in MSSNCR’s care until she is healthy enough to have surgery, recover and find her forever home.

MSSNCR was created specifically for special needs cats as they know that it can be difficult to place a special needs cat into a suitable forever home. Holly, Tinsel and Autumn will be safe in MSSNCR’s care until their fully recovered and have found the perfect families.


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