“Evan must have fallen.  We first noticed a limp and a swollen leg on Tuesday, June 23rd. We thought he sprained his ankle, and we put him in a pen to reduce movement and let the swelling go down. When the swelling didn't go down and the knee started flexing outward whenever he put weight on the leg, we knew it was more than a sprain,” wrote Karen of Kindred Spirits Care Farm to ISF. Evan, an alpaca, is part of Kindred Spirits small farm run by at-risk kids in Los Angeles, CA. All of the animals on the farm, including Evan, were rescued. Evan and his best friend Pedro were both rescued from a breeder who was going to dump them at the local high-kill shelter because they were the wrong color.

A vet examined Evan and although there were no broken bones, he did have a torn ACL requiring surgery. Karen wrote ISF to obtain a grant to help pay for Evan’s surgery. She wrote, “We need to show the kids that no one is throwaway. We need to show the kids that Evan deserves proper health care, that his pain matters just as their pain matters. Helping Evan will be helping hundreds of high school kids believe that they matter.”

Evan received a grant to help pay for the two surgeries to reconnect all the ligaments on his rear left leg. Afterward, Evan began water, walking and stretching therapy. Karen wrote, “The only difficulty we are having is that Evan's alpaca buddy, Pedro, gets very excited during Evan's walks and wants to get Evan to run with him. Evan is not allowed to run yet, so we have to keep Pedro away during the walks and that makes Pedro very sad.”

Ligament surgeries take a long time to heal. Evan will be on limited activity and unable to romp around with Pedro for up to a year. The vet assures everyone at Kindred Spirits despite the time it is taking for Evan to heal, he is pleased with the progress and Evan is meeting all of the recovery targets. Evan will make a 100% recovery and is in good hands at the farm. Karen says, “Evan has found his forever home with us. He is a beloved member of the Kindred Spirits Care Farm family along with his best friend Pedro the alpaca. The kids at the school farm where he lives love him and he will be loved for all of his days. We have made a lifetime commitment to him, and with your help, he now has a long lifetime ahead of him.”

Members of ISF’s grant team visited Kindred Spirits and met Evan, Pedro and the rest of their rescued animals. They spent the day feeding them all organic vegetable treats and learning of all the programs offered to students. Kindred Spirits Care Farm is a special place where animals and humans come together to heal, love and teach one another.


Writen by Veronica Hampton

Edited by Bob Stone

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