A serious case of neglect was uncovered when The Goathouse Refuge came across alarming photographs of numerous cats which had been severely neglected. Surrendered to a shelter, the condition of these cats was allowed to deteriorate without intervention.

The Goathouse Refuge intervened on behalf of these cats, but sadly, two still needed to be put to sleep. The remaining survivors were diagnosed with fatty liver disease as a result of the neglect and untreated worm infestations.

Cupid was in the worst shape. He had a gash on his neck, a badly infected ear and was vomiting due to a worm and maggot infestation. He was taken to a vet where he proved he had a strong will to survive. After a grant from the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF), Cupid’s infected ear was drained, he was treated with antibiotics and the cut on his neck was cleaned and stapled. On top of all this, he was later discovered to have had a mouth abscess which led to several teeth having to be removed. While overcoming his ordeal, it didn’t take long for his rescuers to learn what an extraordinarily loving creature Cupid was – “He embodies love and trust in his caretakers and literally hugs you by wrapping his paws around your neck.”

As if his suffering had not been enough, Cupid was tested and found to be positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Disease (FIV), closely related to the human strain, HIV. FIV is poorly understood by many and puts off potential adopters who anticipate ongoing vet bills. Despite having ‘the cutest face in the world’ and a ‘special smile due to his cleft palate’ Cupid was proving difficult to find a home for. However, with some help from The Goathouse Refuge’s networking, a home was finally found. Cupid demonstrated persistent adoption campaigns really work. With the right care and love, animals can recover from horrific ordeals such as this. The Goathouse Refuge shared this information with ISF: “Cupid had become the mascot of our refuge - thank you so much for helping us take care of him so he could make a full recovery.”



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