Cookie Dough

ISF Grantee Cookie Dough

She was the answer to a family’s prayers; when they needed her the most.  A mere 16 weeks old, this precious pup named Cookie Dough would bring love to a family and receive the same unconditional love in return.

Life for Sara and her family would change when they adopted Cookie from a rescue in CT in January, 2019. Very little information was provided by Cookie’s foster or the rescue; only that she was found in Arkansas on the side of the road with her siblings and had possibly been hit by a car.

Settling in with her new family, she soon became the center of attention, playing in the first snowfall of the season and showing her cleverness with basic commands like sit, stay and down.

ISF Grantee Cookie DoughCookie’s new family noticed something was off as she grew. They took her to their vet, and after x-rays, an Orthopedic specialist found Cookie had a double fracture of the Ulna and Radius in her front leg.  It is thought this injury could have happened before rescue while she was on the side of the road. Because the injury was not properly treated sooner, Cookie had Angular Limb Deformity.

The unexpected responsibilities and costly surgical procedures did not deter Sara from giving her new puppy the help she needed. Her family could not imagine life without this sweet little girl. With the help of a grant from the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, surgery was scheduled for February 13, 2019.

On May 27, 2019, her surgeon checked on her progress. She still walks with a limp and her injured leg has not grown to be the same length as the other leg. Yet, the surgeon was delighted to hear this doesn’t keep her from running and swimming at the beach, which will give her the exercise she needs and help rebuild her muscles.

Sara had this to say to ISF and our supporters, “We have learned how amazingly generous people can be and how many animal lovers there are in this world.  Everyone has been extremely supportive in making sure Cookie Dough is healthy and happy.”

Sara’s family found unconditional love in Cookie Dough and life for her now has no limitations. 

Written by Judith Paolercio

ISF Grantee Cookie Dough

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