A frantic phone call was placed to Give Me Shelter Project (GMSP) in February 2014 when a lady feeding a feral cat colony in her neighborhood noticed one was gravely ill. Cali was a senior who lived in the feral colony, vulnerable to the elements and in a neighborhood where there is a general disregard for the lives of stray animals. Given Cali's age, severe illness and injuries with the potential for continued suffering, GMSP agreed to take Cali into their rescue organization.

Cali was immediately hospitalized with a severe upper respiratory infection, eye infection, Calici virus, anemia, three rib fractures, most of her teeth missing,  an enlarged heart and unstable temperature. Weighing less than 5lbs, she was emaciated and flea infested. Cali’s hospital stay to restore her health was extensive. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation contributed to help ease some of the financial burden placed on GMSP.

A GMSP volunteer told ISF, “Cali is one of the thousands of invisible animals living on the street, struggling and viewed by most as a nuisance. We see her as a beautiful, sentient being who deserves a chance at happiness. She has had her fair share of suffering, but despite this difficult road, Cali has touched the hearts of many, gratefully received her medical care, and accepted the love from all her new friends.”

Once Cali was able to be discharged from the hospital, she continued her recovery in a foster home on cage rest. Because of her anemia, she required weekly vet check-ups. When her red blood cell count dropped and became unstable, she was given two injections of epogen to bring her count back to normal.

Of Cali’s tragedy to triumph story, her rescuers say, “It was touch and go for several weeks when we first rescued her.  She is now healed, healthy and wonderful. We are very happy to announce that Cali was adopted by the person who was fostering her.”

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