Big Honey

Big Honey is a beautiful fourteen-year-old Clydesdale horse with a wonderful disposition who was in desperate need of assistance. Prior to being rescued from a neglectful owner, Big Honey ran the risk of being euthanized, due to her painful situation. When Ranch Hands Rescue received the call, they immediately stepped in to help. Ranch Hands Rescue specializes in rescuing the worst abuse and neglect cases other rescues cannot handle.

ISF Grantee Big HoneyIt is perfectly normal for a horse’s hoofs to grow which is why maintenance is of the utmost importance in every stage of a horse’s life. Sadly, Big Honey did not receive this care and as a result suffered from Laminitis, due to a structural failure of the Lamnia, secondary to an unknown etiology in the front hoof. It is suspected she suffered extreme hoof pain approximately 5-6 months prior to rescue.

Radiographs determined a high degree of bone displacement within the hoof capsule and the left hoof had an abscess with wall detachment. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation was happy to help with a grant. Treatment for Big Honey included remedial shoeing and trimming providing immediate relief.          

Ranch Hands Rescue not only helps animals in need, but humans as well. After Big Honey recovered, she stayed on to be a service horse for children suffering from trauma. She is a gentle giant who now aids children in learning how to overcome their trauma. Honey is especially helpful because abused children learn they can establish boundaries with bigger beings.

It’s another happy story of a situation which could have ended quite differently. How rewarding for any animal to know they are loved and saved for a greater purpose. Helping other beings is both rewarding for animals and human beings when they have a sense of purpose and Honey certainly has a very important purpose.

Written by Popi Doukakis

Edited by Bob Stone

ISF Grantee Big Honey

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