There is no doubt everyone loves a puppy. They are bubbly, with an abundance of energy and love to give and like most puppies, they require a great deal of attention and love in return.

ISF Grantee AylaFor Ayla, whose name is as beautiful as her Alaskan Malamute breed, life in her home may have begun this way, but a sad turn of events changed it all. On February 21, 2019 the Chesapeake Area Malamute Protection was contacted by a veterinary technician at an Animal Hospital in Pennsylvania. Owners brought in a 3-month-old, female Malamute stating she had jumped out the open window of their apartment. They were given an estimate for pain medication and x-rays, but declined both, due to lack of funds. Feeling compassion for the suffering pup and her owners, the vet took the x-rays at no cost. The findings showed Ayla’s distal femur in her rear leg was displaced and would require special surgery for cross pinning on the growth plate. As her owners decided to just bring her home, fate stepped in to change Ayla’s life. A concerned neighbor made a timely phone call to the animal hospital and reported two dogs had gone out the window. Police were contacted and with the other dog missing, it was now evident Ayla’s situation needed more than immediate medical attention. The owners were asked to sign her over and finally, after 2 days, they agreed.

ISF was happy to provide a grant which covered part of the costly surgery Ayla needed. On February 26, 2019 the orthopedist at the Chesapeake Area Malamute Protection inserted pins into Ayla’s shattered knee to stabilize her leg.

Three weeks into her healing, Ayla’s reports couldn’t have been more positive. After wearing a splint, she progressed to rehab and water therapy so she could begin to put weight on her leg. This bubbly little pup wouldn’t give up and won the hearts of everyone who met her, including one of the technicians who helped her with her recovery. Unable to see a life without Ayla, she submitted an application to adopt her. Ayla, now Layla, has found a new life and true love in her new home.

Written by Judy Paolercio

Edited by Bob Stone

ISF Grantee Ayla


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