Wasted at Sea

“Water is Life” is a statement so undeniably true, yet in areas where clean water is easily accessible much is taken for granted.  We can easily turn on a faucet, wash dirty dishes and clothes or flush our toilets. Maybe we are so accustomed to using water to clean things, we forget to treasure it and thus we forget how to keep water itself clean. How we treat water determines how all life on earth lives.  

So how clean is our water and how does pollution occur?

Pollution, whether runoff or solid waste can get carried into our waterways every time it rains and all water leads to the ocean. On the way there, this pollution can harm every creature it encounters as well as the creatures at its final destination, the ocean. With our current practices of disposal and land management our water quality is suffering.

In the months ahead, ISF will be looking at the impact of pollution and solid waste on our creatures, and most importantly what we can do to help.

Let us first look at how the trash impacts the health and lives of the creatures who come in contact with it by watching this powerful video of the Albatross and Midway Island.

Dive deeper into the statistics of trash found on our beach with the graphic below and see how it impacts our creatures.


Want to make a difference? 

Stay tuned for details of how ISF will be cleaning up our water!


Written by Kate Harms

Edited by Maile Rudebusch and Veronica Hampton


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